About NorMudi


NorMudi is just a project to collect all results on one place for an easy access, and to try to get a complete resultlist as possible.

The information is based mainly on the Kennel Club databases in Norway, Sweden and Finland, as they are open to all now. The Danish one is still only for members, so I don't have access to that. I hope it will become open one day to everyone. For older Norwegian Mudis, some information need to be provided by owners or breeders if you want it added.

But. There are other information that I really want to collect too, that need to be provided by owners and breeders. Things like height, bite, if the Mudi is lacking teeth, testicles, illnesses beside the ones added to the databases and the sadest part of having dogs, when we loose them and why. I'm also interested to know if a male is neutered, as it means he's off the chart for possible breeding.

But besides the official results, your dog may have some other important things to show off! Like if it's approved Search and Rescue dog, therapeutic dog, herding dog on your farm, a hunting dog etc etc.

If you have something to add or correct, you can both send me an e-mail, or drop off a line on our Facebook-page. Pictures are prefered on mail.

I'm rebuilding the litter pages at the moment, and I aiming for that it will be the first thing back online. In the old pages, I provided links to homepages for those that had a home page. In the last years, home pages are getting a bit out of date, and most kennels are on Facebook now. So to find breeders, there is a good start very often.

Possible litters and studs will still not have adds here, to be most neutral as possible. But if you have a male you want to offer for stud, please add him to this Facebook-page. Mudi Males for Stud. There you can also find possible studs for you female too.

The layout are mainly design for Mozilla Firefox, and some differences will occure in other browsers.

Updates? Errors? Adding pictures?

E-mail to the address:

iskonirm (at) gmail.com

Please include the Mudi's pedigree name and registration number in the e-mail.

I'm more or less interested in all kind of photos now, of older and younger dogs.