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Health results:
Move Your Paws Kodkod
Pörgelóci Pergö

New title:
Lumos Ace The One And Only
Mog-Ur's Mr Manticore

Added a couple of imports I've missed out on:
Barátpataki Aba
Köves-Bérci Betyár Jégvirág

Health results:
Barátpataki Aba
Köves-Bérci Betyár Jégvirág
Mog-Ur's Mrs Sia

Mog-Ur's Mrs Black Panda

21.11.2018 - 2nd update:
For the Danish Mudi owners' hopefully joy, I've added the Danish pages now. For Denmark I depend of you sending me information. I'm not sure if all imports are listed. But at least we have the Scandinavian Mudis online now!

One litter missed out - Added Mog-Ur's 17th litter. Linkes should be fixed all over.
Added that MV's Cokie was exported to Czech Republic

Health results:
Pörgelóci Pergö

New results
Köves-Berci Betyar Fitos
Pörgelóci Pergö
Sigerdrivas Kjćre Vakre Vena
Sigerdrivas Soria Moria

Health results:
Sigerdrivas Řstenfor Sol

Health results:
Sigerdrivas Kjćre Vakre Vene
Move Your Paws Ozelot

Mog-Ur's Mrs Sia
Move Your Paws Cayenne
Move Your Paws Timjan

Somehow missed out on Tápai Tekergo Éber, so added.

New titles:
Move Your Paws Humle - AGHD I
Twisted Tail's Black Nick - SE UCH

Several Finnish litters are up now, where there is a Swedish or Norwegian Mudi as father or mother. They are linked under each dog, so no list over Finnish litters.

Mental tests back online

Alphabetical list back online.

Health results back online.

Mudis imported to Sweden back online. I think I have them all, and the right year they came to Sweden.

Mudis imported to Norway back online.

Small changes here. All imports have now their own pages, even if they come from Sweden or Finland. But with links to litter pages. There will be some Finnish litters on the page in the future, that is linked to Sweden or Norway in some way.

I don't have information on all litter mates for Mudis imported from other contries than that is up now. So feel free to add more information if you have!

The litter pages for the Swedish Mudis back online. This is a quite big section as you will see, so there will be errors. Some links may be broken at the moment if they goes to pages not published yet, and you need to live with that for a while now. It makes my work easier.

Things have changed a bit, except only the layout of the litter pages:
1. All links to homepages are gone. There was so few working, and most people don't use homepages anymore.
2. The list over the males used in breeding in Sweden is now alphabetical, as it was getting luckily a bit long.
3. The statistics numbers over litters and pups are limited to those with kennel names atm.
4. I've removed the red color of the results that isn't the best, as not all was happy with it.

Please go through the pages, and update me on errors and missing info or pictures.

Litter pages from Norway back online.

Started on updating and rebuilding the page. This will take some time, but I will add section for section back online again, not waiting until everything is ready. Please tune back!

Pictures added / updated:
Cristine Bestagility
Gulakuti Gerle

MV's Aska
MV's Svarte Maja
MV's Tiger

Sigerdrivas Snipp Snapp Snute

Idum Morske Morriz
Idum Smarta Sizka
Jakalmos Csurka
Jakalmos Ikva
Jakalmos Nomad
Jakalmos Piktor
Jakalmos Puszta
Jakalmos Szada
Jakalmos Tarokk
Magyar Fókusz Brauer
Mog-Ur's Mr Thunder Ozzy
Ruthsborg Black Skipper
Sigerdrivas Ckryt Pĺ Segarkalas
Sigerdrivas Kjćre Vakre Vene
Sigerdrivas Řsten For Sol

Bergahoppets Felicia Af Vamos
Gondüzö-Alkonyat Özönlö Jókedv
Idums Klurige Kito
Idums Mini Maxi
Kilvan Arany Barany
Lärkfalkens Baghera
Lärkfalkens Baloo
Mehes-Kerti Ice
Mog-Ur's Mr Rapp
Mog-Ur's Mr Razzi
Mog-Ur's Mrs Emerald
Mog-Ur's Mrs Kvick
Mog-Ur's Mrs Snabb
MV's Curry
Pörgelóci Pergö
Sigerdrivas Cnut pĺ Säpokalas
Sigerdrivas Vestenfor Mĺne
Takkutukan UFO
Twisted Tail's Black Canto-Caamico
Vindvakars Lujax Shi

Vindvakars Lujax Danny