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As announced on the Facbook page, I have decided to close down NorMudi. It has been fun working with it, but for now there as several different reasons that I choose to end it here. The page will be online for a time through 2020, but not updated. So if it's information etc you want to save, you need to do that.

One of them is has is just have become too time consuming. I do not have much computertime, and I always fall behind on updating so it means houers and houers work. It's not just adding a bit text here and there, but also searching through a lot of results, Facebook pages, contacting people etc.

I also don't get it where I wanted to, I just don't have the computers skills to make it a search able database. So it will always be heavy to work with...

Thank you to everyone who have contributed to the page with pictures, results, correcting errors etc!