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The dogs are sorted after the country they live in. Swedish own Mudis under Sweden, and Norwegian owned Mudis under Norway. Imports under the contry they are imported to.

On the MH-test schemes there are some fields that are marked grey. It shows the preferable score for the Mudi developed by the Swedish breed club. MH test are a description (so no passed or failed results), and is the most common test Mudis participate on.

For the schemes for the BPH-test, you need to search SKK Avlsdata for each dog. The info there is only in Swedish. If people have the tests on video, send me the link and I'll add it here. I will not translate those test to NorMudi.

Links to pages about the mental tests:

Birgits brukshundside: MH-test, character test and function analyse.
SBK: MH-test
SBK:: Korning / MT 2007
SBK:: MT 2017
SKK BPH-test.

Unfortunately the pages are only in Swedish and Norwegian.