Welcome back to NorMudi!

After not updating this site for years, I've started again with updates and re-building some (most...) of the site. I want to narrow the site a bit, use more pictures and make it a bit easier to update. For four years ago, it was big work just to update one health result...

I'm interested in pictures. A LOT of pictures. So do you have a Mudi that is born in Norway or Sweden, imported to, or is a parent of a litter in one of the contries, please mail me one I can use! Preferable a stacked photo and original file. But all pictures are welcome. If you only have paper copies, please take contact. If you mail me them, I will get them digitlized and send them back to you.

You can also join our Facebook group. Updates are annonced there, and it's easier to come with feedbacks, whishes and corrections too.

Use my main email adress for now.

iskonirm (at) gmail.com (you know how to get it to work...).

Last updated: 12.05.2019