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Litters of the Scandinavian Mudis - Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The litterpages contains links to parents' litterpages or the dog's own page. Click on parents' name.

The pages contains all results we been able to find about each Mudi. The hardest part are things like theeth, bite, testicles and hight, so please update on missing information! We're also very interested in other health results, when the dog past away and why.

For the Danish Mudis, I will depend on what others report in. So the collection on information is not neccessary compleat.

On the sportresults are the highest achieved result in the highest class listed. So if one dog has a first prize in class I obedience, and a third price in class II, the last one will be listed. If the Mudis have achieved results in other contries, or in fields that is not registered in the offical databases, please drop off an e-mail or an update on the Facebook page.

Picture shows Ringhells Ungerska D-Indie at the age of 14 years old, May 2011.